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The Basque Culinary Centre travelled to Chile in a new phase of Culinary Connection to promote avant garde cooking and bring together chefs from all over the world.

· The delegation was presided over by the General Director of the Basque Culinary Centre, the first university faculty of Gastronomic Sciences in Spain, Joxe Mari Aizega, together with the Spanish chefs Paco Morales and Francis Paniego.

· The aim was to share Spanish avant garde cuisine and exchange gastronomic concepts and culinary experiences with the principal Chilean chefs and culinary colleges.

· The delegation participated in the most important gastronomic conference in Chile, called Ñam, where the Basque Culinary Centre presented itself, offered dinner for 120 attendees hand-in-hand with three Chilean chefs -Alex Manriquez, Pilar Rodriguez and Francisco Mandiola- held a modern cuisine workshop in INACAP one of the best culinary schools in Chile, as well as undertaking other activities.

· The initiative, Culinary Connection, seeks to promote innovation and avant guard currents in cooking and bring together chefs from all over the world and from institutions dedicated to contemporary cuisine, promoting an international culinary network.


  • Jueves, 3 de Abril de 2014

    Firma de convenio

    Basque Culinary Center - INACAP (Universidad Tecnológica de Chile)


    Taller de cocina moderna en INACAP

  • Viernes, 4 de Abril de 2014

    Ponencia Joxe Mari Aizega en el Congreso Gastronómico Ñam


    Cena ofrecida por Ñam y Basque Culinary Center de la mano de cocineros chilenos y los chefs Francis Paniego y Paco Morales, para 120 comensales

    Lugar: Restaurante Bristol (Hotel San Francisco Plaza)

The chefs

The Chefs Paco Morales and Francis Paniego accompanied us to Chile

Paco Morales

Francis Paniego