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Basque Culinary Center collaborates with Ñam, Latin-American Food Festival, to organise the entrepreneurship workshop Culinary Action! Chile.

The Basque Culinary Center attended ÑAM, Latin-American Food Festival in Chile. BCC participated in the congress with a presentation on Innovation in Cuisine by the hand of Diego Prado, a lecturer of the Basque Culinary Center.

On Friday 17th April the Basque Culinary Center and the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Centre organised the entrepreneurship workshop Culinary Action! Chile, an invitation to discover the key ingredient in the cuisine of 21st century, within the framework of the Ñam Santiago festival. The encounter presented in the Centre's Auditorium, six innovation experiences that are enabling the development of gastronomy in Latin America and Europe.

For the Executive Chairman of the UC Innovation Centre , Alfonso Gómez, gastronomy is closely linked to innovation, as it combines the atavistic act of eating with the new developments that are discovered on a daily basis from the scientific and cultural perspective: "Science and technology are an important source of innovation, but we have explicitly postulated that it does not come only from there, but rather, we look at design and business models as two major sources of the possibility to innovate, and these are three extremely important sources for gastronomy".

In the same sense, the Director of Masters and Courses of the Basque Culinary Center of Spain, Idoia Calleja, emphasised that the aim of this institution, based in the Basque Country, is training and research, innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology in different areas of gastronomy, creating value through the work of those who attend its classes.


  • Wednesday 15th April

    Presentation of the Basque Culinary Center

    Conference on Innovation Cuisine by Diego Prado, a lecturer at the Basque Culinary Center.

  • Friday 17th April

    Workshop Culinary Action! Chile with Idoia Calleja, director of Masters and Courses of the Basque Culinary Center

The chefs

Diego Prado, lecturer of the Basque Culinary Center accompanies us to Chile.

Diego Prado