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Miami Dade College grants Juan Mari Arzak his Presidential Medal.

Basque Culinary Centre, in cooperation with the Instituto Texepare, has been the instigator of the chef Juan Mari Arzak being awarded the Presidential Medal by Miami Dade College.

This is first class international recognition of one of the key promoters of the New Basque Cuisine. The event took place on 11 March at Miami Dade College, in Miami Florida.
With this award, Juan Mari Arzak joins the select group of persons distinguished with this medal, among them being Lech Walesa, Mikhail Gorbachov, Bill Clinton, Muhammad Yunus, Barack Obama, Madeleine Albright and the ex-president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe.

Likewise, on 10 March, the Basque Culinary Centre, at the hands of Luis Arrufat, head teacher, carried out a workshop on innovative cuisine in Miami Dade College.


  • Day 10

    Workshop on innovative cuisine in Miami Dade College with Luis Arrufat

  • Day 11

    Award giving ceremony of the Presidential Medal to Juan Mari Arzak.

    highlighting Arzak

The chefs

The Chef Luis Arrufat accompanied us to Miami.

Luis Arrufat